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The Ancient Etruria was located between Florence and Rome. The Etruscans settled on top of  the Fiesole hill which looked  over Florence. They also founded the Orvieto city on the cliff overlooking the modern highway leading to the south, ultimately to Rome.

The biggest southern part of the Etruria region is a giant plateau with small hills.

Plateau was framed by steep canyons and dells. Tuff is composed of a widespread rock of this area and consist of a dense stratum of ashes, which form as a result of a volcanic eruption. Braciano lake was formed in one of the craters.

Etruria was not a united state, but rather a union of 12 self-supporting city-states. The biggest cities were Arrezi, Perusia, Volsinia,  Zere, Tarquinia,  Kluzi, Veio.

For the first time, Rome gained full status of a city under the rein of the Etruscan tzar and formed the foundation for the future role of the Mediterranean Sovereign State. The most important rituals and ceremonies, and practical knowledge were passed on to the Romans by the Etruscans.  Under the Etruscan influence the Romans started to absorb Greek art.

Roman clothes, fashion, footwear, ivory chairs, purple toga were borrowed from the Etruscans.

First Roman tzars were native to Etruria. Octavian August Imperator's friend Gai Zilni Mezenat was a descendent of the Etruscan tzar from Arrezi city. Publi Vergili Maron, Avl Persi Flakk, Sext Properzi were poets who came  from the Etruscan cities.

Etruscans have been experts in construction judging by the black water sough system between Palatin and the Capitoli hills which was constructed 19 centuries ago and still functions today.



Rome is the capital of Italy (with population around 3m) and Lazio region. It is the biggest city in Italy and the most visited city in the world. The legendary “Eternal City” is spreads across seven hills, on both sides of Tiber river, which is not far from the Mediterranean sea. The City of Vatican is an independent country within Italy is home to the world headquarters of the Catholic Church.

It’s hard to tell, what would be much the most memorable in this breath taking city: the Vatican, the immortal Forum, the reckless speed with which Italian drive their cars, a huge number of cats in the Coliseum, that are trying to cross the road or the bill for an espresso. The eternal Magic of Rome their ability to combine the ancient with the modern. The Empires rose and fell, old Gods replaced with new one, but Rome remains Rome.